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5613 Gulf Drive
New Port Richey, FL 34652
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  • Contrary to what many may believe... The printing industry is
    constantly changing and evolving to meet new trends, technology
     and especially customer needs.  We are constantly alert to this
     evolution, and in turn, are always upgrading our methods /
     technology / design to meet new demand. Also, we retain
     traditional practices where necessary to meet all professional,
     established, organization demands.
  • INDEPENDENT PRINTING has been in business since 1985,
    serving the Tampa Bay, Florida area. In 2003, Ron & Debra
    Leone purchased the business and property which is located
    in New Port Richey, FL. 
  • Debra brings to the business over 20 years of high-end,
    long-run corporate printing experience.
  • Ron adds his practical experience in the Information
    Technology, financial and design fields (Ron was the
    Display Director for a 200 unit nationwide chain store
    operation for 19 years). Also, his formal education includes
    an MBA, specializing in Management Information Systems)

    Their backgrounds and prior vendor/client relationships have...

    1.) Reduced operating costs;

    2.) Broadened the organization’s client base nationwide;

    3.) Modernized the operation of the company.   (The
    modernization has overall achieved a smoother workflow
    for a more efficient operation).
  • What this all means for YOU, the client is: Better Design Skills,
    Better Products and Lower Prices.


Independent Printing has existed for over 25 years. 
We own everything, including the property...
We have no equipment leases or mortgages.  Our low
 overhead equates to lower costs for you and the
security of knowing that...
We’re Here For The Long Run!
We believe this should be an important fact to
consider in your purchasing decisions.

(Click here to download Debra Leone’s .pdf profile)

Owner's Portrait
Ron & Debra Leone

Tasha- The Security Director
Tasha- The Security Director
100# Black Mouth Cur- She actually loves greeting
customers much more than protecting anything.




    Since the business would not exist without
    Debra’s skills and background, we’ll detail
    her background...
    Debra Leone, an active owner, has impressive printing industry credentials.

    Production Manager/Marketing Consultant for
    7 years at Carlson Craft Industries.  Carlson
    Craft is a National Corporation focusing in
    higher-end printing services: Wedding
    invitations; Office and specialty products;
    Holiday greeting cards and Graduation stationary.
    (Any good printing business would have several
    Carlson Craft catalogs available)

    Production Manager at St. Joseph’s University
    “The University Press” in Philadelphia, PA for
    17 years.  The University Press controls the
    college’s Copy Center, Printing Design and
    Production Department and Mail Center.   Along
    with handling all related internal needs this
    entity services many large external accounts,
    as well. Staffing numbers in the 20’s. 
     International Publishing Management Association
    Received CGCM Certification in September 1992.     (Certified Graphics Communications Manager)        Served as Philadelphia Chapter President, Treasurer
    and Newsletter Editor over the course of 11 years
    Vice President Northeast Region of the IPMA.
     (The N.E.region encompasses Maine to Virginia)
     Debra’s term was 4 years.

   Independent Printing’s Values

receive the kind of quality and service you
expect from a leader.  Our company is always
evolving as the needs or our customers’ change
and as new opportunities are created in the
market.  You can rest assured that, working
with INDEPENDENT PRINTING, you will enjoy
the latest services, technology and develop-
ments in the industry.

Teamwork: We make it our responsibility to
know you and your business.  We work closely
with you to ensure that the solutions we provide
are tailored to meet your unique needs and
challenges.  We are committed to your success.

Customer Relations: At INDEPENDENT PRINTING,
our highest priority is satisfied customers.
You are important to us and you can expect us to
go the extra mile for your business. Superior
customer service is the hallmark of
We are proud to serve you
and work hard to earn and
keep your business.




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